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The FeralPack are an ordinary family of brothers and sisters, mums and dads, cousins and grandparents and friends. And dogs. The common goal is being active and busy and doing challenging stuff together.  Some of us are very fit, some less so (but are working on it!)  We all have day jobs; we struggle to fit in everything we want to do just like everyone else.  It's these day to day challenges that have inspired us to create races and events to help to get other people like ourselves out of house, out of our comfort zones and doing something awesome!


The health benefits of outdoor activity are increasingly well documented, and we can speak from personal experience about the sense of achievement it can provide.  We know that people have their own goals; their first 5K, to try an obstacale course for the first time or to see what they can endure over a longer race.  We hope to help people to achieve these goals by offering a number of races and events.